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Betula albosinensis ‘Princess Sturdza’

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La vidéo de la fête des jardins d’avril 2018 …Cliquez !!

Visitors, prepare your visit to the Garden Fair !
The exhibitors cannot present their entire production on their stand. So, if you want a particular variety, go to the nurseries’ websites (listed below), order your seeds and plants and collect your purchases on the exhibitors’ stands during the Garden Fair, October 26 & 27 2019

« Calling all Gardening Enthusiasts »
The autown edition of the Garden Fair will be held in the grounds of the Château de Pommorio in Tréveneuc (Côtes d’Armor, Brittany), on the October 26 & 27 2019

The theme of this edition will be :  » Collectors trees « 

With Honorary guest Didier Willery, gardener of one of the most beautiful gardens in France, see of Europe, the garden of Vastérival.Jardinier, Author,
He will give a conference Saturday, October 26 from 15h
Access to this conference is free for all Garden Party visitors (subject to availability).
The theme of this conference will be: « At your trees, live happier.
Didier Willery states on this subject: « Fruit or ornamental, they are the pillars of our gardens, the » upper floors « .
How to choose, plant (as easily as possible!), Ensure recovery and a long life .
How to combine them, with climbers, ground cover,
how to manage them so that they do not become annoying or maintain them in good proportions.
How to obtain beautiful crops with a minimum of care, without any phytosanitary products , no fertilizer,  useless or harmful.Conference illustrated with photos,  but especially especially examples taken directly from the exhibitors of the garden festival.
The bases of this conference are set out in « Crazy plants », and in his other books ( ULMERIUM collection)  and especially « ALL Plants, for all your desires and all situations.)

Dedication and sale of books on site:

– Grégory Roche of the natural garden « La Pâture es Chênes » in Hénon (22), permaculture gardener, trainer, counselor and lecturer. During the two days on his stand, he proposes you: Conference-exchange at 11:00: « The permaculture in my garden » Workshop continuous from 15:00 to 17:00: « What is ‘a garden-forest, or the storied culture for my garden’

  • Erwan Cavarec Arborist climber and arbologist « The voice of the trees » youtube video « soft waist in conscience of the trees » and Sylvaine Alnot of the natural garden « The grazing oaks » (in training in forestry therapy): – will offer you during the two days practical workshops in the park of the castle of Pommorio for « a sensitive approach to trees ». Go to the stand « la pâture es chêne » at 11am and 4pm on Saturdays, 11am and 3pm on Sundays.
  • Benoit Le Gonidec de FACE BOIS in Yvias 22230
    « Wood carpentry specialized in bending. from conception to installation « tel: 02 96 55 05 37
    « Presentation on its stand of an oven for bending wooden slats Animation every two hours with different molds »
  • « The GREEN GARDEN »  Association for SMITOM LAUNAY in LANTIC will animate during the weekend » Recycling in the garden. « Animation continuously. Demonstration workshops at 11h30 and 15h30https: // Mot6Contact Vert le Jardin 22: Tel: 02 96 76 13 59 E-mail: 22@vertlejardin.frhttps: //www.smitom-launay-lantic. com /

-There will be a wide range of all types of plants, trees and shrubs, either for your vegetable or flower garden and the Best Collectors  Nurseries !!!!

-Plus : garden antiques and a range of designer ornaments, and  several professionals for the maintance of your garden, tools, etc


* RDV at 15 PM during the two days for tales and ballads in music with the Garden Fairy, interpreted by Lawena, Celtic Harp and songs:

* pony rides in the gardens of the château de Pommorio !!!!


With Milan, Woodcarver, from the Pilgrim’s Staff Workshop in St Clet in the Côte d’Armor, which will present a unique exhibition on the theme of Wood ….
http: // /


 Lawena will enchant you « with her harp and Celtic melodies from the depths of time … A bowl of pure Eire! »



At the garden fair, we like good food, and to prove it we have a catering menu, cooked by the Hotel-Restaurant « Le Neptune » in Binic, After choosing from the takeaway , you can eat on the lawns of the Wedding Hall, in the olds stables.

The dishes of the takeaway Menu about the Gardens’ Fair Restaurant
( Drinks not included)

Terrine                                                                                     3€
– Salades composés du jour                                                   3€
– Bisque de homard                                                                 6€
– Huîtres de Paimpol                                         6=8€      12= 15€
– Crevettes                                                         6=6€      12 =10€
– Bulots                                                                                      8€
– Plateau de l’écailler ( 6 huîtres, 6 crevettes, 6 bulots)      16€


– Lobster Burger avec sa bisque et ses frites maison  16€
– Saucisse frites                                                                        8€
–  Beef Burger  frites                                                               10€
– Cochon griller – frites                                                           12€
– Cassoulet maison                                                                 14€
– Galette Saucisse                                                                     4€
– Galette Complète ( Jambon- Oeuf -Fromage)                      6€

– Plateau repas à emporter : Terrine, cochon grillé, Far Breton 12€

And of course, always the famous Lobster Burger, cooked on the spot, fresh by the restaurant « Le Neptune » in Binic: 02 96 73 61 02 

MEAL TRAY « Fête des jardins » 12€
-Homemade terrine
– roast ham and steamed potatoes
– Britton cake- « Far Breton »

If the weather conditions do not allow to eat in the open air, you can have lunch in the wedding hall.
And don’t forget, the beer « Fête des Jardins »….
This bear, based on a wild flower,
is speciallly brewed by our partner the
brasserie La Norde. To taste on the spot, to take away and to consume with moderation, of course ..


Hôtel restaurant sur le port à Binic, proche de Tréveneuc
To make a reservation, email to :

-Opening times : October 26 & 27 at 10 am to 6 pm
-The entrance fee : 3 € (free for children under 16 )
-All the animations , worshops are free, for old or young people !!!
The place : Château de Pommorio, 22410 Tréveneuc

on the coast, near Saint-Quay-Portrieux, in Saint Brieuc Bay
Free parking on the castle estate and in the village and parking for disable people.
– Dogs, our friends are welcome but keep and a leash and if they’re not agressive.

If you are a professional  involved in gardening and wish to exhibit your products, please contact Christophe Courcy :
– e-mail address :
You will be sent an inscription file with all the details, photos, web site.

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